Welcome to the Hash Boutique
We have it all... Together with our partner we produce your personnell hash gear -- Delivery will be just a few days after your confirmed order. For example within Germany only approx. 2 days, rest of Europe about one week. You can pay with any credit card as well as via PayPal.

On the following sites you see just a few samples, don‘t matter if you are looking for new hash shirts, shorts, underwear, accessories or just totally useless stuff – We have it all :-)
If you want something else, leave this site and go to
In case you are bored and you would rather drink a
beer instead - We have the Beer Guide for you too!

In case you visited this site by accident - see what is
hash all about! Hash don‘t smoke it... run it!
If you still don‘t
understand a single word - go back and play!

More Hash Gear here:
Create your own Hash House Harriers Haberdashery

and check it out!http://www.spreadshirt.net/shop.php?sid=238417&op=articlesshapeimage_2_link_0